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And clearly not a virtue...



Eris is a demoness with an angelic face. Her blond hair is long, its top is usually pinned aside with flowers she likes and her bangs are combed well while the rest flows down on her pale skin. Her bluish green eyes sometimes shine bright blue. She's average and always praised as one of the beautiful demonesses in Hell.


Eris spends most of her time in Pandemonium's garden so she acts more properly than succubi. Though, due to being around the garden too much, the more she knows about flowers and trees, the less she knows about the other things. So she sometimes acts quite silly.


Eris used to be a sin demon, but due to her weaknesses, she couldn't do her role well enough. Instead of being killed off, she was put into a sleep of oblivion. When she woke up, she was named Eris and given a new role. She's now one of the maidens in Hell's garden.

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"Oh no, I'm gonna be late!" the red head whined out as he ran down the street, moving from his part time job at a sweets shop to an animal shelter. He had the closing shift that evening, so he needed to hurry up and be there on time, which was a bit of a problem considering his apartment was far, but the candy shop was even farther away...

Kyou let out a small squeak as he saw what time it was, pushing himself to run even faster and running directly into the other, too frazzled to entirely pay attention to his surroundings. He let out another squeak before growing very flustered, trying to see if the other was okay or not
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The black haired woman gave a weary sigh as she exited her home and began to make her way to her job managing the Underground. She hadn't been called in for quite a while, and was just beginning to grow used to the calm and quiet. She was soon at the outskirts of the city where the blood bar concealing the Underground was placed, and she slid her red tinted glasses over her face to conceal her unnaturally icy blue eyes, and further covered her face with a cowboy hat. The woman shoved her hands into her pockets afterwards as she made her way through the crowded night time streets, giving another heavy sigh as she entered the blood bar, glancing around quickly to make sure she wasn't being followed by any humans or vampires she had not personally welcomed
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